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The right coverage for your company

Finding the best approach to risk management is not a trivial task. There are many factors to consider. Our experts examine each aspect of operations and recommend specific solutions.


When insuring property, you need to consider both the direct and indirect losses you may suffer from a fire or other casualty. While direct property may cover the physical loss of plant, equipment and materials, indirect or business income insurance looks beyond this to cover any loss of profits and costs involved in returning to normal operations.

Think of direct damage insurance as protection for your balance sheet assets, while business income coverage protects your profits and loss statement. Both are required to cover your business effectively. WIA experts are able to coordinate this complex interrelationship to ensure you have the coverage needed to quickly recover after a catastrophic loss.


In a litigious society, it is important that your company is covered not only for product liability but for improper acts of your employees, management, officers and directors.

Inappropriate actions of an employee or manager can put your company at risk. Wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits can be costly to defend. Proper coverage can protect against any judgments as well as legal costs. Let WIA help you identify your exposure, set up appropriate policies and procedures, and secure coverage to meet your specific needs in product liability, fiduciary claims and employment practices. Automotive Most companies take their automotive insurance for granted. But far too often coverage may be denied because of title discrepancies or other factors. WIA takes the time to inspect your records and advise you on how best to insure your fleet.

Due to the complexities of a modern workers compensation environment coupled with recent legislative changes, ineffective handling of claims can lead to unwarranted financial risk for your business. As your broker, WIA offers unique services which enhance the results you’ll receive from your carrier. Our dedicated workers compensation department provides a cost effective way to oversee claims and provide quality support.

We start with a site walk-through to help you identify potential safety risks and then proactively manage all claims. By reviewing claims history and safety stats, we can also advise you on how to reduce costs while improving employee safety. Our goal is to achieve better results by managing risks and expenses as if your business was our own.

Employee Benefits

These are turbulent times for company health insurance. Trying to determine the ins and outs of government requirements, coverage and premiums requires in-depth knowledge and constant updating.

WIA has a dedicated division that deals with nothing but employee benefit plans. Not only can we help you sort through mandates, but we also assist in finding the most affordable coverage for your specific workforce.  Additionally, our claims group acts as an extention of your own human resources department by answering employee questions and mediating any claim disputes.

We also handle requests for replacement identification cards, help employees obtain pre-certification for procedures requiring advanced authorization and manage the entire benefits selection process for new employees as well as any changes existing employees may require.

Business Continuity

In closely held companies, making sure there are adequate plans in place for the untimely death of key personnel is critical. WIA can help company officers and directors identify issues which need to be addressed via key person insurance, buy and sell agreements and other methods of ownership transfer which will ensure a smooth transition, should the need arise.